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Roxana Niculescu
Roxana Niculescu


Logo and Brand Identity designer, aiming for simplicity, uniqueness and relevance in every logo project.

brand identity, logo, mark

  1. Olio Ruskia Donna Felicia 2020 italia award bio 2020 ruskia olio olive oil design label oil olive
  2. bolt metals
  3. Exprimart alex seciu portfolio site logodesign designer portfolio logofolio team logodesigns logodesigner brand design brand identity logo branding
  4. Bit hawk concept logo unused data technology digital mark abstract eagle bird hawk bit
  5. Akoto Property realestate estate akoto mark simple stool queen interior investment property homes house logo
  6. Fremantle Industries simple mark flat letter f technology logo blockchain industry modern development software
  7. octo + code octogon simple abstract symbol coding brackets code geometric octagon
  8. Snow Tree brand id software development development s letter technology software coding logo design brand tree snow
  9. snowtree coding arrow mouse initial s letter logo software development development software tree snow
  10. ace of digital colors marketing site abstract unused logo marketing digital ace of spades ace
  11. Cortaditos cafe double meaning sunset palmtree tree palm simple concept logo bakery coffee shop cafe bean coffee
  12. Sea  Horse logo nautical summer animal concept forfun seahorse horse sea
  13. Codeasy mark simple logo technology initials e logo c logo negative space bit easy code developers company coding
  14. Rainmaker alphabet abstract drop water symbol r mark mark lettermark r r letter rain
  15. reload HR hr logo r logo r letter human resources consulting company reload logo logo hr reload
  16. ink apparel limited black and white art logo wordmark inkblot website prints designer tshirts hoodies clothing brand streetwear ink
  17. Logs furniture log logo wood wordmark unique romania busteni logs hand crafted company design furniture
  18. Pi concept fashion clothing simple double meaning negative space pi mark symbol lettermark letter p p letter
  19. Horse concept mark word for fun logo horse wordmark
  20. 5 + F dots abstract fifth letter f letter five 5
  21. Right Brain Selections lettermark simple mark abstract lines brain r r letter seller company drinks spirits wine
  22. Dark Horse Works line double meaning corporation benefit consulting research services innovative simple logo lettermark letter d d horse
  23. B TV digital technology platform video sharing content concept letter b tv
  24. bolt mining bold simple unused concept logo bolt
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